Git: The Basics

Git For Begineers


Git Workflow

  • GitHub: — This is a website that hosts your repositories online. Many people might get confused about this term, but it is just a service that holds your code in repositories. And by its name, we can guess that it is the hub for git. As a matter of fact, this is the largest open-source codebase for all users around the world.
  • Repository: — This is a folder or a place where your project is stored.
  • Directory: — This is a term we use instead of a folder in the world of programming.
  • Terminal: — Also known as the command line, this is an interface for your text commands.
  • CLI: — This is the Command Line Interface.
  • Cd: — This simply means changing the directory.
  • Code Editor: — A code editor is a word processor where you can write codes. The widely used editor these days is Visual Code Studio or VS Code.

Git Commands

  1. Blank Commits

SSH Keys

To search the generated key



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