Disaster Recovery

In the real world, the systems can be a victim of a cyber-attack or even a natural disaster that can disturb the functionality of the server. In such cases, we need to recover the lost data as much as possible from another location where the data was backed up. Hence comes Disaster Recovery. It replicates the data in an off-premises location that remained intact even after the disaster or was far away from where it couldn’t have been backed up.

The concept of disaster recovery is to keep the data on some secondary locations in case the primary fails or is stuck in a disaster.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

RTO can be defined as an acceptable delay between the service interruption and restoration respectively. It tells us about the acceptable time window for service unavailability.

Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

RPO is the acceptable time since the last data recovery point. It tells us about an acceptable loss of data between the last recovery point and service interruption time.

Strategies for disaster recovery

There are some strategies we can use for disaster recovery.

  • Backup

Backup is a simple strategy for disaster recovery where we store the data off-site or in a removable drive that is safe from cyber-attacks and such things.

  • Cold site

The cold site lets us arrange the basic data and infrastructure on a second site.

  • Hot site

Further, the hot site keeps up the data up to date in the copies which might be time-consuming and expensive, but they make up for that in downtime reduction.

Why do we need disaster recovery?

  • Restoration is fast.
  • Downtime is reduced.
  • Customer retention is better.
  • Damages are limited.
  • Interruption is minimized.

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